About Us

About Us

We Are Leading International Company In The World

Certalpha, (a division of Paramountalpha Technologies Pvt Ltd) is a consulting firm providing Business Systems, Training, Process Consultation, Product Consultation, Third Party Audits and Certification Services.

We have domain expertise for ISO Management Systems, Product experts for Product Certifications and Create a perceive approach in training from the scratch. Our training strategy is built to achieve a goal in an organization.

We keenly analyze and select our consultants in order to offer our customers foremost quality of expertise together with extensive experience of industry practices.

Certalpha is a consulting firm that provides solutions for your Management Systems. Our dynamic team has been helping companies to achieve and maintain their ISO Certifications. We have a compelling team of consultants who are experts in consultation & certifications.

We deliver high-quality service with a complete focus on customer satisfaction and time-bound. As a trusted partner, we go beyond consulting and educate our customers to witness


Our vision is to become one of the leading consulting firms that must make a positive difference in advice. Operate at the global level by maintaining our intransigent principles and adding tangible value to all stakeholders.


Our mission is to establish long-term strategic relations with our customers. We will continue to be recognized as a recognized leader in the timely and superior delivery of consulting services through a multidisciplinary approach.


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Global Presence


International Standards


Customer Satisfaction

The Team

Our Experts

Mike Rich

Lead Architect

Jenny Smith

Head Engineer (US)

George Doe

Head Engineer (CN)

Maria Jay

Head Engineer (AU)

Why Choose Us

We have highly skilled consultants with excellent knowledge and expertise in ISO Standards, Product Standards, and other International Standards. We are the only consulting organization that focuses on customer satisfaction and time-bound.

Our first customer is still our customer because of the quality of services they get, year after year. By putting our clients at the guts of everything we do, we are proud that we are still supporting our very first business client.

At Certalpha we follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients. We keep our client data secured without giving authorization to any 3rd parties.

Our service philosophy is proactive, not reactive. We have a proactive attitude and steps to put a business continuity plan in place, we are demonstrating to our customers, employees, and shareholders that our company will be a stable one, no matter what crisis lie ahead.

We are fully committed to providing the highest quality services to our customers.

Make an attempt to enter business relationships intelligently and nurture them deliberately.

We will continuously strive to please our customers with the outstanding quality of our services.
We strive to supply our customers with services that meet and even exceed their expectations.
Our goal is to supply customers with the very best quality services by assuring their performance, consistency, and value.

We always know what our client needs and expects and deliver it to them every single time with excellence. It’s really not that hard of a conception to grasp, but it’s at the core of success.

1. We pay attention to detail
2. We are consistent
3. We are focused on the customer’s happiness

Your consulting partner

Committed To Keep Our Client Work On Priority

we are assured to provide the highest level of consulting services and in-depth insights.

We Follow Best Practices

As a consultancy, our business model is to provide autonomous advice to clients.

Our Core Values

  • Conjointly to cause our shared success with clients.
  • Positive return on their investment.
  • Build long-term relationships of confidence
  • Put our client interests before the business
  • Enhance our clients’ performance momentously
  • maintain immense standards and conditions for client service
  • Exercise the very best level of professional and ethical behaviour.
  • Dedication to quality is what sets us aside from our competitors.
  • Prides itself on the amount of service we give to clients.
  • We believe that the extent of service is at the core of our business ethos.
  • Conduct ourselves with the very best level of integrity in the least times
  • Follow through on promises and commitments
  • Maintain professionalism while communicating openly and honestly
  • We strive for perfection in everything we do.
  • We are hooked on excellence and doing our work right the primary time.
  • Our reputation depends on our delivered value within the eyes of each customer.
  • Deliver innovative solutions, encourage new ideas and diverse ways of thinking